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Spring Vale Rambling Class

Interesting Facts

Interesting facts about the Class

The Class originated in November 1895 during a lecture given by Mr J T Fielding. The first ramble was on 23rd May 1896 when 10 gentlemen attended. The Class was a means to provide rambles with a historical, botanical, scenic, and geological interest. All rambles would be led by the leader Mr J T Fielding who would also instruct the class on points of interest along the way.

It was not until 1901 that ladies were first allowed to attend on certain rambles. The first of these was on 25th May when 157 ramblers turned out for the walk! Since 1917 all rambles have been open to ladies.

It is recorded that 750 members attended the first ramble to Buxton Derbyshire on June 10th 1905, when a train trip was the order of the day. Rambles into the Ribble Valley would start with the train journey from Spring Vale and Darwen stations to Clitheroe. In 1923 the train fare from Spring vale to Clitheroe was one shilling and eleven pence return (9 pence today)

Mr Fielding led all the rambles published from 1896 to 1930 until his retirement when this duty was taken over by Mr J Kershaw, a duty which he carried out from 1932 until 1965.

Mr Fielding was also the Secretary of the Class from 1909 to 1930 and was succeeded by Mr David Tattersall (1931 to 1935), Mr Arthur Clapham (1936 to 1953), Mr W Moss (1954 to 1962), Mr Vincent Lightbown (1963 to 1969), Miss Glenda Brindle has been Secretary since 1970.

Since 1931 there has only been six Presidents of the Class. Mr David Tattersall in 1931, Mr J R Jepson(1932 to 1944), Mrs E Lord (1946 to 1958), Mr John Tattersall (1959 to 1974), Mr Brian Lawrence (1975 to 1995). Michael Counter became President of the Class in 1996, following the sudden death of Brian.